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Fitness Center –  Jackson County Regional Health Center offers to their own employee’s, retiree’s, patient’s and local community the opportunity to continue an exercise program for their own health and wellness. Our goal is to provide a safe, supportive and friendly atmosphere to improve your physical health, fitness and promote long lasting healthy lifestyle. 

Jackson County Regional Health Center’s Fitness Center is found in Physical Therapy and Wellness Services. The Fitness Center operating hours are:  Monday through Friday – 7:00 AM – 12:00 PM.

Memberships – Orientation Fee at sign up $20.00 per person. This includes comprehensive review of your current health, baseline cardiac and balance assessment to ensure safety with all equipment. We will ensure that you are able to exercise independently, remain medically stable and are safe to use each piece of equipment.

                         Monthly Fee:  $35.00 per person

                         Yearly Fee:  $350.00 per person.

Fitness Center Equipment available for use: Treadmills (6) with variable speeds and grades. Stationary bikes (2). NuStep trainers with swivel seating for all ages (4), Ellipticals (2), Four station weight machine (leg extension, leg curl, leg press, chest press, shoulder press, lat pulldown) with capabilities for up to 200 lbs at each station, Stair climber, variable sizes of hand weights, Swiss balls