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Get an MRI, Ultrasound, or CT Scan in Maquoketa

Yes! With the latest imaging technology and 24/7 exam interpretation, you have access to a full array of diagnostics. Your physician can order an MRI, ultrasound, CT scan, mammogram, echocardiogram, lab testing and more. Our skilled technicians, working together with Radiology Consultants of Iowa PLC, give your medical team a clear picture of your health issue. And it’s all available in the comfort of our brand-new medical facility right here in Maquoketa.


Types of Diagnostics Available at Jackson County Regional Health Center


MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) — MRIs produce detailed images of your body, especially “soft tissue” like nerves, ligaments and the brain. No special preparation is required, though certain patients may not be eligible.  Coming soon — in-house MRI services.

Ultrasound — Your doctor may request an ultrasound to review pregnancy progress, determine blood vessel function or location or examine your thyroid, among many other purposes. It’s a safe and relatively comfortable procedure.

Mammograms — Early detection of breast cancer is so important to preventing advanced disease and death. Mammograms are simple x-rays that help detect tumors and differentiate between benign and malignant diseases.

CT, or CAT Scan — CAT scans are a form of x-ray that is commonly used to examine internal organ areas, fractures or head trauma. In some cases, you may receive a contrast solution to better highlight the area or organs to be examined.

Echocardiogram — Using high-frequency sound waves, this non-invasive procedure creates images of your heart, especially to evaluate the heart walls and chambers as well as leaks or suspected tumors, and to monitor after a heart attack.

Nuclear Medicine — This unique diagnostic tool uses a minute amount of radioactive material and special equipment to detect and sometimes treat diseases. It’s effective for identifying heart disease, cancer, arthritis and infections.

Bone Densitometry — An important tool in the diagnosis of osteoporosis — a disease that thins and weakens bone tissue, mass or density — it measures bone density in the evaluation and treatment of this widespread and debilitating disease.

Cardio Pulmonary — We offer many inpatient and outpatient services, including Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Cardio Pulmonary Testing.

Laboratory — We have a full menu of diagnostic and follow-up testing. All laboratory testing must have a written physician order, including diagnosis and/or symptoms which relate to the ordered tests.


Spotlight on Our Imaging Equipment in Maquoketa


Duration: 30-60 minutes
Position: Prone


Duration: 15-45 minutes
Position: Varied

Take a Virtual Tour of the Diagnostic Imaging Department and other Facilities

Watch the video to check out our recently completed facilities and see where you can get your MRI or ultrasound in Maquoketa.

When you need diagnostic imaging, ask your doctor for a referral right here in Maquoketa for an MRI, ultrasound, sleep study, and more.