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Corporate Compliance

Program Background

Jackson County Regional Health Center (JCRHC) believes that conscientious dedication to the highest ethical standards is essential to conducting business and to its mission. This dedication is important because JCRHC is charged with serving the community, and because a significant portion of JCRHC’s services are reimbursed through governmental health care programs which properly require that providers conduct their business with complete integrity. To maintain high standards in the delivery of health care, JCRHC affirms leadership and management that fosters a climate of personal responsibility and mutual accountability and a commitment to conducting business with honesty and integrity in all JCRHC activities.

For these reasons, the Board of Trustees of JCRHC has established the Compliance Program, which includes the designation of a Compliance Officer and the establishment of a Compliance Committee. The Compliance Officer or designee has day-to-day responsibility for coordination and oversight of JCRHC’s compliance effort. The Compliance Committee assists the Compliance Officer in the review of the practices and conduct of JCRHC and its employees, volunteers, contractors and physicians in order to protect the integrity and reputation of JCRHC and ensure the high quality of its patient care and community services.

Compliance Officer

The Corporate Officer is responsible for overseeing implementation and administration of the JCRHC Compliance Program and Plan, which includes responding to reports of possible misconduct or regulatory errors and conducting audits to identify potential issues. Feedback and recommendations for improvement are provided to the responsible departments, while keeping the JCRHC Board of Trustees informed of all activities through the Finance Committee.

Confidential Compliance Hotline

If you need to report a confidential compliance issue, please call our hotline at 1-844-744-4004 or send an email to

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