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Price Transparency

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services requires hospitals to provide “clear, accessible pricing information” to consumers. Click here to see a display of our facility’s services in a consumer-friendly format.

As required, a comprehensive machine readable file is provided for download.

Jackson County Regional Health Center’s Board of Trustees Endorses IHA Transparency Principles

A) Along with other Iowa hospitals, JCRHC supports price and quality transparency and strives to communicate information that is useful to patients, families and other healthcare purchasers.

B) JCRHC and all Iowa hospitals should lead in transparency in their communities by:

  • Providing patients with information that encourages engagement in their health and healthcare
  • Empowering patients and other healthcare purchasers to make value (price and quality) comparisons prior to receiving or purchasing healthcare services
  • Enabling open and clear lines of communications that facilitate conversations with patients and families at the point of care delivery

C) JCRHC joins other Iowa hospitals in leading in transparency of billing practices by:

  • Implementing strategies to communicate information to patients and other healthcare purchasers
  • Assisting patients in better understanding the total value of their care, including estimated out-of-pocket expenses

JCRHC strives to follow these principles in all of our communications and interactions with the people we serve. Please feel free to contact us if we can better serve you in any of these areas.

Patient Charges and Costs

The information being displayed is based upon charges only and not what you may pay. You will need to contact your insurer directly to determine the specific amount of coverage and payment allowed under your policy for the selected service.

Jackson County Regional Health Center Pricing as of July 1, 2024: PDF CSV